Provocative Right Brain Branding Maneuver For The Everyday Scribe

Comfort Zone – What Energy There Is In The Unknown, The Just Out Of Reach

Are you ready to stop retreating, reload, and ream regret out of your life for good? How would your outlook change if you were to rally for the rewards of your future rather than reminisce over mistakes and missed opportunities of your past? What if you could impel yourself through the fear that’s been holding you back from the writer you want to be?

Here are some ideas to ignite you onto the outskirts of your comfort zone and beyond, where life is richer, more daring, challenging, and fulfilling everyday.

Don’t surrender to the feeling of fear. Living outside your comfort zone lends fuel to the fluidity of your future and annihilates the paralyzing effect of regret.

Fear is a temporary affliction that can be healed each time you live on the edge and beyond of your comfort zone.

Regret is a long-term condition that festers and spreads throughout your business, personal, and mental existence.

So how do you break the vicious cycle of fear and regret? One of the quickest ways is to use a maneuver I call fast-forward thinking, which will help you learn to love living outside of your comfort zone!

The next way is to transfer your burning desire tasks, those that could have the most impact on your writing career, from the can’t do impossible section of the brain into the larger space of anything’s possible.

Maneuver 1- Leave Your Safe Life Behind And Focus On The Infinite Space Of Possibility

1 – Get your pen and paper and draw a picture of a brain. Doesn’t have to be perfect. This isn’t art class. Just an outline sketch will do but large enough to draw and write inside of it. Press pause if you need to. I’ll be right here waiting for you.

2 – Next draw a circle that encompasses approximately one third of the inside of your brain.

The circle represents your comfort zone or where you feel safe. This is where all the things you think are impossible or too hard gather and collect procrastination particles. This circle may be bigger or smaller depending on how far you’ve advanced in the comfort zone war.

The open space is possibility. It’s where the vibrant energy called the unknown pulsates. That just out of reach space where your electrifying life begins.

3 – Make a list inside the circle of three to five items that once conquered would give you spine-tingling, toe-curling writing success. Choose the one that frightens you the most.

Maybe it’s as simple as committing words to paper to form the first tantalizing paragraph. Perhaps penning your first blog post has you stumbling in the proverbial writer’s block zone. Want to travel to another country for a writers’ conference but you’ve yet to fly anywhere? Or, you’ve heard that incorporating video into your marketing mix would reap mad rewards but the thought of being on camera sends you shivering onto the sidelines. Writing is the practice of asserting yourself. It gives you an excuse to lose control and be anything you want to be. Bigger challenges mean bigger rewards so don’t hold back!

Unless your conquer comfort zone circle includes skydiving, mountain climbing, or tracking wild animals in Africa, bodily harm or death is not an issue so you can survive the imagined worst case scenario, which usually doesn’t happen. The more you must reach and stretch to accomplish an endeavor, the more rewarding it will feel.

Now, I’m going to ask you to leave your safe life behind…

4 – Imagine moving that task out of the safety of the circle and into the infinite space of the possible. What color does it become? Does it light up? Flash? Fast-forward past the terror to the triumph. The minute after, the hour after, the next day after you’ve tackled that fear that’s been holding you back. Bask in the afterglow, the fulfillment. How does it feel to have accomplished something you never thought you could do? Is it so ooh la la delicious that you want to experience it over and over again?

You have to get your mind on board before your physical being can jump on and cooperate. My latest comfort zone challenge was being on camera for over an hour doing my own live webTV show plus all the videos to promote it. If I had tried to put my body in front of the camera without mentally preparing, my brain would have said what do you think you’re doing. We don’t do face time with cameras. We work on the other side of the viewfinder. Are you crazy? This is way out of our comfort zone. We’ve never done this before. What makes you think we can do it now? How successful do you think I’d have been if I didn’t move ‘star on camera’ out of the small impossible circle of safety and into the mammoth vacuum of space called the possible that exists in all of your brains?

5 – Once you have your list, have chosen the first obstacle to overcome, and you’ve crafted the mental movie to play continuously throughout the process, you need to do the physical homework of planning, preparing, pulling a team together… whatever your venture requires. Your visualization keeps you going and sends the right vibes out into the universe so every player is operating out of the same rulebook. Involving others lends this a reality and accountability so you can’t back down!

You give attention to that one circle. So when it says you can’t make money writing, that you’re not good at something, you are going to fail, you’re a fool for picking up a pen, you listen to it and get stuck there. There’s inspiration to be found from all directions. From the all-knowing Google directory of experts, to your pals down the street, and many consultants in between. But ultimately you, under the direction of your own self-motivation, are the only one that can halt what’s holding you back. Don’t dwell in the comfort zone circumference. Take one giant leap out of it and swim dedicated laps in the space where fantasy and opportunity flourish. Dare to desire, dream, and drive away from your safe life.